2. newyorker:

    Ian Crouch on the planned return of “Twin Peaks”:

    “When people say they want a third season of ‘Twin Peaks,’ they really mean that they want there to have been a third season, in 1992.”

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  3. welcometotwinpeaks:

    Kyle MacLachlan is definitely in! I’ll see you again in 2016, Dale Cooper.

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  4. laurapalmerwalkswithme:

    "Saturday nights never looked this good"

  5. vicemag:

    We Got Our ‘Twin Peaks’ Revival, Now What?

    After years of neglect, a new generation of fans discovered the seminal drama series—which has lead to a third season being greenlit by Showtime after 25 years. Are we forever cursed to be given everything we want until the end of time?

  6. "Showtime has given the green light to a nine-episode revival of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s seminal ’90s drama series […] sources confirm that Lynch and Frost are poised to pen all nine episodes, with Lynch directing every installment." (x)


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  7. Done by Dennis Pase at Five Star Tattoo in Louisville KY. Instagram @dptatt_layer.


  9. Twin Peaks Drawing


  10. Twin Peaks Poster

    I made a Twin Peaks poster! It is available on my Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/coreenahhhh